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Technological Facilities
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Technological facilities:

-cutting material up to a cross-section of 200x 350mm, or to a diameter of 250mm

-turning up to a diameter of 380x1000mm

-milling up to dimensions of 400x500x1000mm

-drilling up to dimensions of 400x400x400mm

-exact CNC turning with a controlled C axis and powered tools up to dimensions of 255x510 mm

-exact CNC 4-axis milling with a controlled C axis and powered tools up to a diameter of 229x356 mm

-exact drilling and boring up to dimensions of 1000x1000x1000mm

-exact CNC 4-axis drilling and milling (vertical machining centre) up to dimensions of
  X=1016, Y=508, Z=635mm

-grinding to a round shape of dimensions up to 290x750mm

-grinding flat of dimensions up to 200x200x600mm

-welding ferrous and non-ferrous metals (based on Al and Cu) and stainless steel by the methods of MIG, MAG, TIG and high-frequency soldering including galvanized sheets

-hard-soldering of brass and silver

-heat treatment of dimensions up to 300x350x500mm and temperatures up to 1200 degrees C, including cementing

-software facilities : CAD/CAM, DNC

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